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Thanks for visiting my website, you are too kind! I am an NYC based actor and producer. 

I received a BS in Theatre (yes, the irony is beautiful) from Skidmore College with a concentration in acting and directing. I am currently an acting apprentice at The Barrow Group theatre studying under co- artistic directors Seth Barrish and Lee Brock.

Last year I was the lead actor in a short film entitled D.N.G.U (Do Not Give Up), which was an Official Selection at New Filmmakers New York 2017 and a finalist in the 2017 NYC Mental Health Film Festival.

This August I acted and produced an independent pilot entitled Ghost Girl. Our production team is entirely female and with this project we founded Ghost Girl Productions LLC. We are currently submitting the pilot to festivals all over the country and world. Stay tuned for what festivals we get into and where we take this exciting new project next! See our feature on Tube Filter here.

Up next I will be performing in and producing The Longest Road: A Catan Musical Parody with Ghost Girl Productions at The Tank Theatre in February.

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February 16, 17, 18- I will be performing in Ghost Girl Production's The Longest Road: A Catan Musical Parody at The Tank Theatre! I am a co- creator and the producer of this new exciting work.

September 7- Today is my first day of training with The Barrow Group Apprentice Program. I am looking forward to working with these fantastic teachers and actors for a whole year!

August 21- Ghost Girl's pilot is wrapped and post production is already in full swing! We are in the beginning stages of editing and looking forward to festival submissions.

August 20- Day 3, our last day on set! We are in Philly shooting our spooky fun sleepover scene! 

August 18- Day 2 on set of Ghost Girl episode 1. Today we are on location at a public school where we will be shooting our big musical number!

August 6- Day 1 on set Ghost Girl's pilot! Today we are on location at a cemetery.

August 4- Ghost Girl Productions, LLC is formed!

August 2- Because of our popularity on Seed&Spark's website, we were selected for their annual Seed Fund, which earned us an additonal $1400 to put towards our production. Our pilot will also be guaranteed streaming on Roku and AppleTV through Seed&Spark's streaming platform!

July 24- I have been accepted into the Barrow Group yearlong Apprenticeship! I look forward to starting this September.

July 14- Terrorbird performs at The Pit Striker 9:30 PM!

July- We are in pre production for our pilot episode of Ghost Girl: The Series! I will continue my role as Emma Leigh and make my producing debut as Associate Producer. 

June 13- Ghost Girl's campaign finished and we exceeded our goal! Thanks to all who have donated! We also reached over 500 followers on Seed&Spark, which makes us eligible for all sorts of freebies and PR help from execs at Seed& Spark!

June 6- Come catch my last show with my instant team Baby Horse at Reckless Theatre tonight at 7 PM!

May 31- D.N.G.U. New FIlmmakers Official Selection. The film I starred in, D.N.G.U. written and directed by Rafe Karen, will be priemiering at New Filmmakers film festival in New York as an official selection! We are also nominated for an audience choice award.

May 28- Terrorbird Goes Digital! at the PIT Loft 8 PM

May 20- Not performing, but I will be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon! I am running for New York Road Runner's charity Team for Kids.

May 17- Ghost Girl has been featured on Tube Filter as a film project to look out for and support!

May 17- Ghost Girl has been featured on Seed&Spark's homepage as a Staff Pick, Highly Anticipated, and Hot Crowdfunding Page to support!

May 13- We announced plans to make Ghost Girl into a web series at the showcase! Shooting will begin this August. Find out more and donate here.

May 13th - Ghost Girl at Reckless Theatre! 9 PM. Fresh from Ghost Girl's 5 time win at Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre, the cast of Ghost Girl will perform a showcase of all 5 Episodes in one night! Come see me as Emma Leigh, Ghost Girl's best friend.

April 29- Comedy C*ntributes: Wet for Justice 10 PM Reckless Theatre I will be passing out drinks and delivering depressing facts about climate change at this environmental fundraiser hosted by Mamoudou N'Diaye with headliner Aparna Nancherla.

April 22nd- Terrorbird in Backyard Brawl 11:59 PM UCB Chelsea! Come see me in my UCB Chelsea Debut as my sketch team battles it out against another sketch team. We need audience votes to return again next month!

April 13th- I start my 4 week on camera acting workshop with Amelia Campbell and Anthony Arkin today!

April 7th- Terrorbird Presents: LOVE! The PIT Loft 7 PM

March 11- Reckless Theatre Level 3 Improv Class Show #1 at 5PM. This class taught by Christian Capozzoli is focused on Cat's Cradle, Reckless' original improv form. Come see us give this form a shot! Our second and third class shows will be the following Saturdays, March 18 and March 25 also at 5PM.

March 4th- Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre Presents Ghost Girl: The Final Episode. 10:30 PM. It's Valentine's Day Themed because who says we gotta celebrate love just one day a year?  If we win tonight, the theatre will give us a showcase night to perform all 5 episodes together so come on out and vote!!

February 24th- Terrorbird Goes to Work PIT Loft 8 PM.

February 14th- The Love Show at Reckless Theatre! Come join us for an improvised and fully immersive piece that explores the universality and mysteries of love!

January 14th- Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre Presents Ghost Girl: Episode 4. 10:30 PM. Come see what stage of grief Emma Leigh is tackling this month. Come out and vote for Ghost Girl so we can perform one last episode and a chance to win the 5 time champion showcase night!

January 13th- Terrorbird Smashes the State PIT Loft 8 PM.

December 3rd- Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre Presents Ghost Girl: Episode 3. 10:30 PM. Come check out how Emma Leigh deals with her grief this Holiday Season. I may or may not be dancing in an elf costume tonight... Come out and vote!!

December 2nd- Terrorbird Goes to Jail PIT Loft 8 PM.

November 10- I will be performing in a scene from Alcestis by Euripides directed by an MFA director at Columbia University for their class.

November 5- Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre Presents Ghost Girl: Episode 2. 10:30 PM. The Thanksgiving Day Episode! Emma Leigh is out of the denial stage, what's in store next? Come laugh, come cry, come vote!

October 20- Reckless Theatre Facebook Live Performance with Refinery 29! 3PM. Reckless Theatre will be broadcast on Refinery 29's Facebook page LIVE! I will be performing in a scene written by Samantha Evans that inspired her to write Ghost Girl.

October 13- Terrorbird performs at Sketchfest at The PIT Underground 9PM.

October 1- Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre Presents Ghost Girl: Episode 1. Fighter Pilots showcases 3 or 4 writers' TV pilot episodes performed live. The audience votes on which two pilots they want to see return the following month to perform their next episode. If you win 5 in a row, you get a showcase night to perform all 5 episodes! I will be starring as Emma Leigh, Ghost Girl's best friend. Ghost Girl (played and written by Samantha Evans) died in a tragic mysterious accident, but I am the only one who can still see her! Come see me deal with my grief, growing up, and moving on all through fun songs, silly dances, and heartfelt moments of female friendship!

September 30- Terrorbird Goes West at The PIT Loft 8PM. Come see me in my first show with my new sketch comedy team! Each month we pick a new theme to base all of our sketches on. This month we're going out west! We perform every month at The PIT Loft. 

September 10- I start my first ever improv class today at Reckless Theatre!